Annie Yu

Annie Yu

Chief of Staff & Head of Operations, Revenue

Vox Media

As a child of Asian immigrants, Annie Yu spent a lot of time growing up navigating "the right way" to do things. Whether it was making friends, applying to college, looking for internships, getting a job, dating, asking for promotions or anything in-between, she still finds herself constantly balancing what it means to be Asian, American and Asian American. Currently Chief of Staff of the Revenue function at Vox Media, Annie has also spent time at BuzzFeed and Undertone.


"Media has a huge influence on culture, how we see ourselves and how we see each other," says Annie. "I get to be part of building a movement that continues to push boundaries by highlighting global issues and diverse perspectives. That's so exciting!" People are what make organizations strong and in her work, Annie creates change in systems and structures that embed diversity and inclusion in hiring, career development, resourcing, workflow, communication, team cultures and more.

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