D.T. Slouffman

DT Slouffman tells stories.  Much to her delight, he daily spins yarns for his 7-year-old daughter.  To foster growth, he shares anecdotes with the millennials comprising his production team.   As for the rest of us, there are more than 3,000 hours of digital and television content created by Mr. Slouffman bearing witness to his quiver full of tales to tell.


Mr. Slouffman learned to craft a great story while cutting his teeth as an Associate Producer on properties like Wide World of Sports and Monday Night Football.  The world’s sporting events became the sandbox in which he learned to build castles. 


In 2002, while working at the XIX Olympic Winter Games for Canadian sports network, TSN, Mr. Slouffman scored a front row seat to international intrigue, as a vote swapping scandal took center stage at the figure skating venue and laid the groundwork for his post-Games work, the Lifetime documentary “Scandal On Thin Ice.”  Here’s a hint… The French judge did it!


Over the next decade, with one foot firmly planted in sports television productions like the NBA Playoffs and MLB Postseason, Slouffman became the go-to-producer for always loudly dressed

sideline reporter, Craig Sager.  The duo’s antics are the stuff of legend, once caught thieving a player’s birthday cupcakes from an NBA locker room because they made good on-camera props.


Looking for new challenges, Mr. Slouffman’s other foot dangled in the fledging reality television genre.  In fact, it is entirely possible that he has turned a birth in your family, your friend’s hunt for her wedding gown, or a home makeover in your neighborhood into an hour of television melodrama.  This caused Craig Sager to continually whine, saying of Slouffman, “You sold me out for David’s Bridal and Home Depot.”


In 2013, Mr. Slouffman returned to sports television full-time as series producer of CNN’s Unguarded With Rachel Nichols.  He would spend the next year producing the incomparable Ms. Nichols before moving on to Time Inc. to become the show runner and executive producer of the Sports Illustrated brand’s daily digital series, SI Now.  Here Slouffman would break news and produce numerous pieces of viral content while setting a new bar for digital quality, but his favorite moment was directing a long form feature about the mascot of his beloved Philadelphia Phillies.  Spending three days with that big green fuzzball, the Phillie Phanatic, made Slouffman’s inner 12-year-old want to take the field and play two. 


He also pushed creative boundaries at Sports Illustrated when his exclusive video interview between Vin Scully and Tom Verducci became the first SI Now feature to spawn a cover story at the magazine.


Mr. Slouffman earned both his Master’s degree in Digital Storytelling and Bachelor of Arts in Media Communication from Asbury University.  He now teaches graduate and undergraduate courses in Sports Storytelling at his alma mater. Emmy awards and New York Festivals medals punctuate his work and the selfies his friends take in his office.  But, in the maelstrom of producing, writing, teaching and looking for the next big idea, he still gets his greatest satisfaction from telling stories to that 7-year-old daughter of his.

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