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Howard Horowitz

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Howard Horowitz is a renowned specialist in the marketing of television, computer and Internet services to consumers.  A political scientist by training and market researcher by profession, Mr. Horowitz has served as advisor to many of the major media companies.  Over the past thirty years, Mr. Horowitz’s work has helped shape and advance the standard for success in marketing cable television, home entertainment services, and broadband and mobile content and services. 

Horowitz Research has been called upon by many clients, including MVPDs, cable systems, television networks, developers of interactive applications, Internet companies and other content providers to assess the impact on consumers of new technological developments and increased competition in the marketplace.  Howard’s most recent work focuses on trade and consumer research in the areas of digital media including broadband and mobile content, services and technologies.  Horowitz Research is also well-recognized for its research on urban, multicultural consumers, and Latino consumers in particular.

Howard Horowitz is a Cable Pioneer (Class of 2012) who began his career in the industry thirty years ago. His innovative research helped usher in the era of programmed cable television in the United States, highlighted by his work on the NCTA Segmentation Study, a first of its kind, conducted in 1983.  Howard continues to be an innovator, introducing new and powerful research methodologies.  Howard and his company were the first among cable research companies to introduce ethnography as a research methodology to understand the complexity of how consumers interact with technology in their homes, their places of business, and out of the home.  Mr. Horowitz and his staff at Horowitz Research continue to put into practice new and cutting-edge research methodologies to fully capture the nuances of the rapidly changing cable and telecommunications industry. 

Mr. Horowitz and his staff at Horowitz Research have developed a series of industry studies that are widely recognized as essential data on the market for multichannel, broadband, and mobile services, and in particular, on adoption and use of these services among America’s Hispanic, Black, Asian, and other multicultural communities. These annual studies include titles such as State of Pay TV, State of Consumer Engagement, FOCUS: Latino, FOCUS: Black, and FOCUS: Asian. 


Mr. Horowitz has a B.A. in Psychology (1973) as well as a M.A. in Political Science (1977) from New York University.  He graduated with honors and is Phi Beta Kappa.

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