Joe Busch

Joe Busch is an experienced executive in the television, new media and radio industries. He is an adjunct university professor (teaching media and technology), entrepreneur and consultant. He was recently a corporate executive directing all Media Support for the ABC Television Network in New York, part of the Disney/ABC Television Group (DATG).


Joe’s tenure at ABC spanned three decades. He managed a wide range of technical, engineering, maintenance and business development departments, often creating and growing operations from their inception. He directed ABC-TV’s technical support and maintenance departments, keeping all New York-based facilities functioning and on air. This included all of ABC’s TV studios in Manhattan, the network’s broadcast center, graphics department, Digital Media Center, news production and Digital Media Group facilities. He also led the broadcast IT support departments for ABC News and the network’s on air operations.


In prior years, Joe headed technical operations for ABC Multimedia, the Digital Media Group in New York, and for media properties ranging from ABC’s original America Online presence to the launch of, and ABC News Now. With the multi-

talented teams he assembled, Joe built Disney/ABC’s Digital Media Group video, graphics and newsroom production facilities in New York. He then led the ongoing engineering and technical support operations. Prior to that, he founded and grew ABC Satellite Services, a thriving multimillion-dollar business distributing a wide range of programming nationwide via satellite that included programming such as Howard Stern, CBS News, Rush Limbaugh and Dr. James Dobson.


In earlier years, Joe oversaw the rollout, and managed one of the largest digital satellite data networks in the country for ABC Radio. Joe holds an MBA, with a concentration in Business Computers and Information Systems (BCIS) from Hofstra University and a BBA in Management from Adelphi University. In his leisure time, Joe enjoys tinkering with his collection of motor vehicles.

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