Lisa Schomas

Lisa Schomas has worked with some of the television’s top studios and creatives, bringing their franchise to life. Lisa got her start on ABC’s award winning dramady, “Ugly Betty,” producing the shows hit webseries “Mode After Hours” and cultivating integrated marketing partnerships with Elle Magazine, the Atlantis Resort and the United Nations. In 2011 she joined ABC’s “Castle” where she developed social media events, board games, behind the scenes content, and press events. She also worked along side creator Andrew Marlowe to bring the title character, Richard Castle’s, NYT bestselling novels into the real world. In 2015 Lisa join the producing team of Amazon Studio’s “The Man in the High Castle” where she curated content for the launch of their second screen experience, X-Ray, while also working on the show’s virtual reality experience which premiered at San Diego’s Comic Con during the summer of 2016.

Currently, Lisa works on HBO’s Silicon Valley where she strives to blur the lines between reality and fiction by bringing the show’s storytelling into the digital space. 

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