Taylor Owenby

Taylor Owenby

Founder & CEO

Cinema Park Studios

Taylor Owenby is an independent film, television and new media producer committed to uncompromising visions that challenge conventional paradigms. Everyone wants to talk about entertainment or be a part of it, but Taylor actually knows how the industry works. From early childhood he has devoted his life and career, here in Georgia, to create a self-sustaining entertainment ecosphere in collaboration with other markets.

Taylor began his filmmaking career in middle school, as a child actor in the 90’s. At the age of 10, he fell in love with the collaborative, (sometimes dysfunctional) family environment that a project creates. He knew then, whether a film, television, live event of theatrical production, it is the spirit and power of collaboration that could make “magic” real.


He made short films on a flip camera with his friends. He produced stage plays for his public high school, that otherwise could not afford them, by selling sponsorships and ad space in the programs. He fully

realized how Entertainment and the Arts are interwoven in our society by telling stories, while providing teens an outlet to express themselves. To pursue his lifelong quest, he engaged in producing projects for community college then enrolled at The Savannah College of Art and Design on a scholarship. A regional magazine published his work at the age of 18.


At 22, he moved to Atlanta and founded Matchbook Media + PR, Georgia’s first public relations and media production firm. He worked with several film festivals in the state and had the opportunity to work with entertainment leaders from Nashville, New York, Hollywood and Atlanta. After doing a lot of traveling, he foresaw the necessity for the talent in Georgia to match the standards of those in more developed markets. That launched his producing career in television and film as a professional.


In 2013, Taylor became the youngest Executive Producer in Georgia with one of the first SAG-AFTRA New Media pilots. Subsequently, he became the youngest Feature Film producer in Georgia to produce a project with ‘A’ list Talent, securing global distribution. He filmed an action-thriller called Operator in his hometown of Covington, Georgia, where he worked with Ving Rhames, Mischa Barton, Luke Goss and Michael Pare. It was an incredible experience. The film premiered at the Cannes Film Festival and screened in theaters around the world. He also began representing projects for marketing and secured many distribution deals, while showcasing a Hollywood premiere at the TCL Chinese Theatre.

In 2017, by partnering with industry veterans and investors, he launched Matchbook Media Group, Georgia’s first studio focused on developing, producing and selling content. Furthermore, to foster the state’s creative community and further develop its talent, he established its first studio incubator Cinema Park Studios-ATL.

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