Alan Ellman

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Alan Ellman


Screaming Media

Alan founded ScreamingMedia in 1993 based on the original vision to utilize fractal technology to distribute video across the internet. ScreamingMedia (NASDAQ: SCRM) became the largest content integrator and syndicator of proprietary content on the internet and merged with CBS Marketwatch in 2002; the combined entity sold to Dow Jones shortly thereafter. In 2003, Alan created one of the first New York incubators, Cast Iron. The incubator funded the Oscar nominated movie “SuperSize Me”, launched, an interactive kiosk that would be displayed in 40,000 cabs, and created Emergent Trading. Emergent was a black box trading platform that traded on historical high probability intraday patterns and mis-pricings. The return outpaced all hedge fund long/short index averages from 2004 through 2008. In 2010, Alan joined DC3 a New York boutique agency. DC3 helped refocus Verizon primarily from telecom to technology. In 2015, Alan left to consult with large and small companies primarily helping them transform, grow, create efficiencies through technology, and address new markets. Recently, Alan has developed a proprietary secure messaging application for hospitals and an app for Lupus sufferers to help manage their chronic disease. He is currently developing a company,, that helps gamers monetize their play through social channels.


Alan received a BS in finance from the University of Maryland, an MBA from Fordham University and recently received a certificate from MIT in AI Strategy.

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