Since the FutureNow Media Conference wrapped up in June, I have completed my undergraduate degree, moved out to a couch in Los Angeles with no job, and landed an internship at MGM in TV Development! While I have been developing the creative skills to qualify me for this position over a longer stretch of time, I believe it was the methods of communication I developed with industry professionals for the first time at FutureNow that prepared me and pointed me towards MGM. Not knowing many people out here, I've had to utilize and grow a network which includes of FutureNow speakers and participants. 


My job currently entails covering scripts, supporting assistants, and escorting guests to their intended destinations (read: making desperate small talk with my idols). Though I've always wanted to work in television, this first industry job has confirmed for me that it is something I'm prepared to let bleed into everything I do. I've enjoyed taking the work home with me, constantly reading up on what's going on behind the scenes, and pretending that watching TV qualifies as research. I am extremely grateful for the lessons and connections made at the FutureNow Media Conference, and would recommend it to anyone!

Joseph Mullen

Williams College '19

FUTURE NOW Class of 2019

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