FUTURE NOW Campus Ambassador Leadership Program



  • Hone your leadership, networking, and marketing skills

  • Build your resume

  • Enjoy great perks and privileges!



Complete CONTACT INFO Excel sheet (template in Tool Kit) with those who you reached out to. Save it on your desktop with your initials (so you don’t impact others’ copies).  

Create PDF copy of timestamped emails (or screenshots of DMs / texts) sent to show that you did outreach to the list. 


Take screenshots of a minimum of 10 posts on social media and don’t forget to tag FUTURE NOW (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and/or LinkedIn). 

BONUS - If you are able to do any in-classroom visits, please have the professor sign next to his/her/their name in the contact info Excel sheet.   


  • Once you verify that you’ve completed at least the first three tasks, you will win FREE access to this year’s FUTURE NOW Media & Entertainment Conference.   

  • If you complete the BONUS task, we will give you PRIORITY access to sign up for the MEDIA TOURS.   

  • You’ll also be able to include FUTURE NOW Student Ambassador on your RESUME as VOLUNTEER WORK you did for the FUTURE NOW Media Foundation.

  • And, we will give you an official recommendation on your LinkedIn profile! 

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