Gerald Yarborough


Gerald Yarborough

Creative Director, Global Licensing & Commerce


Gerald Yarborough recently joined LL Cool J's ROCK THE BELLS as Creative Director of Global Licensing & Commerce. 

Prior to joining ROCK THE BELLS, Gerald was the Art Director of Super Fan Licensing Global Creative Group at ViacomCBS Consumer Products, where he translated the world’s most popular movies, TV shows, and beloved characters into licensed consumer products for fans and was responsible for multi-million dollar business growth.  Working across brands and lines of business, Gerald was a groundbreaker at ViacomCBS, and successfully co-created the first-ever consumer products program for one of its signature network brands and set new benchmarks in quality and design for apparel and home products.  His imagination is matched only by his executive acumen and passion for collaboration. 


With a rare ability to synthesize expertise in design, development, licensing, retail and creative strategy into fan-worthy items enjoyed all over the USA, Gerald provides powerful ideas and solutions to create exceptional products that balance creativity, vision and strategy.


In addition to creating and sustaining a successful consumer product business for clients, Gerald remains passionately engaged in arts education and philanthropic endeavors to motivate the next generation of creatives. 


He was the Chair of Social responsibility for the BEAT of ViacomCBS, and currently serves on the boards of numerous nonprofits like REELWORKS and Children Health Fund, working to close the gap and eliminate disparities plaguing underserved groups while building diversity and inclusion in media. 


He holds BFA in Design and Advertising from St. John’s University where he was recently honored with the Distinguished Alumni award.


ROCK THE BELLS is the preeminent voice for classic and timeless hip-hop. Founded in 2018 by LLA COOL J (James Todd Smith), ROCK THE BELLS focuses on content, commerce and experiences that honor the culture and the core elements of hip-hop -- MC's, DJ's, breakdancers, graffiti artists -- and more. Drive by the past, inspired by the now, and energized by the future, ROCK THE BELLS is the bridge between OG's and those inspired by their groundbreaking influences on the culture. 

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