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Set your mind on GRATITUDE

Expressing genuine gratitude is one of the most powerful, magnetic, and energizing things that we can do. When we acknowledge someone’s contribution, offering, gift…in whatever form it takes…and say THANK YOU, the impact of it is immediate and lasting. It’s kinetic and has a multiplying effect. Can you think of a time when someone acknowledged and thanked you for something and did it in a meaningful way? Do you remember how you felt at the time? How does it make you feel even now? Thanksgiving is approaching and it is that one day on the calendar that reMINDs us to give thanks. But, if we adopt the attitude of gratitude as a MINDset and heart-set, our perspective will go from dark to LIGHT, despairing to HOPEFUL, downcast to SMILING, oppressed to FREE. Take a minute and think about something or someone you are grateful for. Has someone taken the time to meet with you, talk to you, send you a job posting, make an introduction for you, give you honest feedback, encourage you, or support you in some way? Have you acknowledged them for their time and effort? If you have, it doesn't hurt to tell them again. Give them a call, send them an email or text, and let them know how much you appreciate them and what they did for you. It will be your gift to them. You never know the impact your gratitude will have on others. And, on YOU. HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

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