Steele Filipek


Steele Filipek

Executive Editor, Lead Transmedia Producer

Starlight Runner Entertainment

Steele Filipek serves as Executive Editor and Lead Transmedia Producer for Starlight Runner. Steele is responsible for assembling combinations of staff and freelancers to produce the company’s various projects, signifying and matching specialists in various fields to the needs of an array of different subject matter. Steele is often the lead writer on Starlight Runner’s most noted franchise mythology documents, and specializes in the company’s geo-political work. He has participated in transmedia population activation projects in Mexico, Colombia, Australia, and Canada, gathering and analyzing data, and developing narrative-based solutions for regional and national crises.


Steele is an accomplished writer. His interactive scripting appears in projects related to Halo, Red Faction, Men in Black, Splinter Cell, and Transformers. He is also an award-winning writer of fiction, screenplays, radio plays, stage plays, and comedy. His popular high adventure serial podcast Queens of the Sapphire Sea is currently in development as a feature film.

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