Tricia Johns

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Tricia Johns

Account Executive, Addressable

Disney Advertising Sales

The Walt Disney Company


Tricia Johns is an Account Executive at Disney Advertising Sales, where she partners with brands to develop impactful advertising strategies for reaching Disney’s audience through beloved brands: ABC, ABC News, Disney, ESPN, Freeform, FX Networks, NatGeo, and Hulu!


Tricia graduated from the University of Florida College of Journalism & Communications. As an undergrad and sports reporting intern, she witnessed the Men’s Basketball team win back-to-back Championships, and the Football team win the BCS championship.  This sparked her enthusiasm for connecting with fans in cultural moments, and the ways those moments are consumed through media touchpoints.


She officially started her career in New York, at Rodale Inc. as a Digital Sales Assistant and Digital Planner for Men’s Health and Women’s Health. These roles further defined her specific interest in the digital space and its supersonic pace of change.


Tricia’s sports fandom and passion for media converged when she joined ESPN’s Sales Communications group in 2014; starting the first of 4 roles she has held at TWDC in 7 years. Armed with marketing and planning experience, Tricia moved into a formal Multimedia Sales role at ESPN, eventually relocating to LA and taking on an AE role at Marvel Entertainment, where she discovered that diehard fandom can exist outside of sports and be equally as impactful to its audiences!


In 2019, Tricia joined the newly integrated Disney Ad Sales group, returning to her ESPN family and now collaborating with Sales counterparts from ABC, ABC News, Freeform, NatGeo, Disney Channel, etc. In this structure, Tricia served as a Multimedia AE for Client-direct and Agency Strategy teams across the CPG Category (Food, Beverage, and Household).


As DAS joined forces with Hulu in Dec 2020, Tricia was one of the AEs to move into a newly created, dedicated Addressable role, designed to focus entirely on digital, data and performance-driven revenue growth across all of Hulu and Disney’s digital/social properties. In this role, Tricia specializes on the Beverage category, where she continues to sharpen her digital skillset while indulging in her love for sports and entertainment through these innovative, high-profile partnerships.

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