Val Nicholas

Val Nicholas

Senior Vice President, Creative Director

Summit Media

From his start in local television to his two decades at NBC Entertainment and NBC News, Val Nicholas has extensive experience in all aspects of media and marketing, with a unique talent for creative innovation designed to fit the audience, the product, the time and the place. Nicholas is known in the industry for his vision and craft and his use of various media to attract attention in unique ways. He has produced a wide range of programming including news, talk shows, news magazines, syndicated programs, sporting events and live primetime specials for television on both the local and national level. Nicholas has also produced sales upfront meetings for major networks, as well as live events, both large and small scale and spearheaded -research-based sales and marketing campaigns that create results.


In addition, Nicholas developed the original “Maximum Creative” classes, which he taught at GE Crotonville’s Leadership School, where it received the highest ratings at that campus. The course was so popular, it was requested by various divisions at NBC Universal, Comcast, the Gannett Corporation, local media stations, the NY Film Academy, Brooklyn Hospital and several international GE divisions worldwide.


During his career, he’s developed creative for national ad campaigns, and has won numerous awards for his on air promotion and sales initiatives, including 7 Emmys.

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